O'Neal Participates in BIM Event

O'Neal Participates in BIM Panel

O'Neal recently participated in a panel discussion on how contractors are utilizing technology. Burgers, Beer and BIM was held on July 20 in Greenville, SC. The event was hosted by TPM and featured O'Neal, and Wayne Brothers.

The BIM 360 panel discussion provided real world perspective from a diverse group of Autodesk 360 customers and end users including a multi-discipline engineering, construction manager, general contractor, and trade professionals. The discussion centered on the groups unique perspectives as it relates to:

•The impact BIM 360 Glue has made on their model coordination programs.
•How BIM 360 Field has affected their field Quality & Safety programs.
•Improvements realized in equipment tracking & daily reporting.
•Business analytics and reporting features they are utilizing to manage by data metrics.
•Hurdles they had to overcome during implementation
•How BIM 360 is being utilized as a trade partner working for the construction manager.
O’Neal provided lessons learned through the engineering and construction lens. O’Neal panelist included a safety professional, onsite Project Engineer, and Technology Director responsible for the implementation of BIM 360 Glue & Field.

The trade panelist from Wayne Brothers discussed how their roles and workflows change when working for a CM/GC utilizing BIM 360 Glue & Field.

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