Preconstruction Success

Preconstruction Project Success

We’ve highlighted some projects where our clients were successful using preconstruction. Click on the project picture to see additional information and pictures of the projects.

Glatfelter – Spring Grove, PA
Glatfelter, a leading manufacturer and supplier of paper products, needed to eliminate chlorine bleaching from their paper making process for high-end book and magazine grade paper. For less than 3% of the installed cost, O’Neal performed preconstruction Services to guarantee cost and schedule for the $20 million EPC (Engineer-Procure-Construct) project. Creative approaches on constructability bringing in large modules of equipment that minimized on site construction labor and improved the overall schedule made this a viable project for Glatfelter. The end result led Mr. George Glatfelter to say that the project exceeded his expectations and cleaned up the effluent stream from the mill allowing him to clearly view the bottom of a river in his daily commute to work. 

MW/MB – Clarksville, TN
MW/MB is a joint venture between two roofing products manufacturers to backward integrate into their supply chain to produce fiber glass reinforcement for roofing materials. O’Neal guaranteed the cost and schedule for MW/MB by performing preconstruction Services for less than 1% of a total installed cost of $81 million. O’Neal teamed with a fiberglass process technology provider to deliver a world class operating facility within 21 months of contract signing on a grassroots site.

Fenner Dunlop – Lavonia, GA
To increase their market share, Fenner Dunlop needed to expand their operations and relocate from a land locked facility in Atlanta, GA to Lavonia, GA. Schedule was of prime importance as they had already purchased new process equipment for the new facility prior to engaging O’Neal. O’Neal performed preconstruction Services for less than 2% of total installed cost of $34 million. O’Neal delivered a world class facility on time and within the guaranteed maximum price (GMP) budget.