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Market: Food & Beverage
Delivery Method: Design-Build
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Services Provided: Detailed Design
Project Size: 80,000 square feet
O'Neal was selected to provide detailed design services for the FDAs new consolidated laboratory facility in Atlanta. O'Neal teamed with Beers Construction Company in a design-build relationship to complete the complex and technically challenging 80,000-square-foot addition within an 18 month schedule.

The facility was designed to provide research and testing services for a wide variety of products including pharmaceuticals, biologicals, medical devices, cosmetics and food products. The facility houses many types of chemistry and analytical laboratories such as microbiology, biochemistry, instrumentation, organoleptic, extraction, sterility, virology, food chemistry, pesticides, metals laboratories, and a Biosafety Level 3 laboratory suite.

The mechanical and electrical systems were designed for safe, efficient and flexible integration within the facility. Most of the supply air is HEPA filtered to maintain high indoor air quality for the analytical testing.

The manifold exhaust system and variable speed exhaust fans serve over 60 fume hoods and biological safety cabinets. Laboratory room pressure controls maintain directional airflow and space pressure relationships. Central utility corridors link the laboratories to the exhaust system and the distributed specialty gases. These utilities can be added to or modified on a lab-by-lab basis without affecting the operations of adjacent laboratories.