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Market: Energy
Delivery Method: Design-Bid-Build
Location: Columbia, South Carolina
Services Provided: Detailed Design, Procurement, and Construction Administration
Project Size: 41,000 square feet

O'Neal provided detailed design, procurement, and construction administration for Westinghouse Electrics nuclear fuel rod manufacturing facility located in Columbia, SC. The project consisted of an upfit of the 41,000-square-foot facility which houses manufacturing of fuel rods for nuclear power plants.

The main consideration in the design of the project was the containment and isolation of the hazardous material. The existing employee changing rooms were renovated to change protective clothing. Controls and safety requirements were integrated into the process ventilation design, which included hoods, ductwork, HEPA filters, and exhaust fans. The comfort air conditioning systems were designed to maintain a constant volume, temperature and pressure within the various production areas. All re-circulating air systems included HEPA filtration used in conjunction with variable speed return fans.

O'Neal developed the process PFDs and P&IDs, waste recovery systems, and process ventilation systems. Other process-related designs included:

  • Bulk Unloading and Blending System Specifications
  • Pellet Press Preparation System Specification
  • Rebuild, Code Evaluation and Control Design of existing Hydrogen
  • Atmosphere Furnaces
  • Safety Valves
  • Automated Controls
  • Product Precipitation and Filtration Vessels