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Oil Demand Growth to Shift to Petrochemicals

During the next five years, strong demand for oil and gas will shift towards petrochemicals and away from motor oils and fuels according to a new report from the International Energy Agency (IEA). Below is a summary of the report from IEA.

Strong global demand for The journey to 2023 is starting from a relatively comfortable place. An overhang in global oil stocks has all but disappeared and oil prices...

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Manufacturing Activity Continues to Expand

Economic activity continues to expand in the manufacturing sector. According to the latest Manufacturing ISMョ Report On Businessョ, manufacturing activity expanded in February, and the overall economy grew for the 106th consecutive month. The Institute for Supply Managementョ (ISM) surveys the nation's supply executives each month.Read More

ACC Report: NAFTA Critical to Growth and Job Creation by U.S. Chemical Manufacturers

By modernizing the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), President Trump can help the U.S. capitalize on the chemical industry's strong competitive advantage created by domestic shale gas; boost U.S. chemical exports to Canada and Mexico by 34 percent by 2025; and support the chemical industry's positive contribution to the U.S. trade balance, according to a new economic report released today by the Read More

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