SCOPE Directional Estimating


On the front end of a project, O'Neal is leveraging the power of technology in a truly unique way.  O'Neal's proprietary SCOPEtm process utilizes an advanced site/project assessment tool, in collaboration with clients to create detailed 3D models, to provide instant feedback regarding location, cost, layout, energy, lifecycle, cut and fill, and scope.

With this macro BIM tool and our database of completed projects, O'Neal helps the owners and project team visualize and analyze the project to make informed decisions quickly. 


During this flexible interaction, more options can be considered in less time.  We call this proprietary process Directional Estimatingsm. O'Neal is customizing this technology for complex industrial projects, combining industry cost information with our own historical costs, giving clients a more accurate project estimate earlier than ever before.

O'Neal's approach to technology allows our preconstruction, design, procurement and construction experts to effectively collaborate at the onset of project development.  This proprietary technology is bringing the true benefit of design-build together at the onset of a project where it can pay the biggest benefit to both the owners and the project team.

As project schedules become more aggressive, precision is vital, and O'Neal's preconstruction process, combined with continued investment in design and construction software and estimating tools, will help ensure clients get the most complete picture of every project at the earliest date possible.

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Greater Predictability, Fewer Surprises Through Use of BIM for Front-End Planning- Area Development