Industrial Design and Construction Services

O'Neal offers comprehensive commercial and industrial building planning, design, and construction services critical to the successful completion of capital projects. We are an integrated design and construction company with the flexibility to offer all or a portion of our services. O'Neal has proven effectiveness in offering comprehensive industrial building design and construction services. With in-house design and construction professionals, we can provide a true collaboration of disciplines for our clients, helping them reach their goals and objectives.


O'Neal understands that staying on time and on budget are essential to a successful project. To meet your goals, we provide comprehensive project planning and scheduling services. Whether your project is small or large, we will help you develop a successful plan to ensure your time and budget goals are met.

Site Selection

As part of comprehensive planning services, O'Neal also offers site selection support services. We have completed capital projects across North America, and our expertise can help you find the ideal site for your project. We will provide site analysis, project scope definition, and feasibility studies when necessary.


O'Neal offers both engineering and architectural design services, providing comprehensive solutions for project designs. Our engineers and architects have an average experience level of 21 years and are well versed in the latest technologies and standards of engineering and architectural design.


Whether working alongside your in-house staff, or as an extension of your project management team, O'Neal's procurement department can handle purchasing, tracking, and expediting services. We have the necessary insurance and licenses in place and can help expedite your procurement process.


O'Neal provides comprehensive preconstruction services, allowing us to guarantee a cost and schedule for your project. From project scope development to preparation of construction costs, we will map each step of your project so there are no hidden costs or scheduling surprises.


As a licensed general contractor, O'Neal provides a wide variety of construction services. From Design-Build services to on-site construction management and safety management, our knowledgeable staff can manage all aspects of your construction project, ensuring deliverables and budget are met.


Engineer-Procure-Construct (EPC) has emerged as the preferred choice of project delivery for many industrial manufacturing, process chemical, pharmaceutical and advanced facilities projects.  Under this model, O'Neal handles design, procures all equipment and construction materials and manages construction services for complete delivery of the project.

Equipment Relocation

O'Neal offers several equipment-related services, including new equipment installation and equipment relocation. From site assessment, equipment dismantling, and re-installation, our experienced team can handle all aspects of installing or relocating your new equipment.

Economic Development

O'Neal is invested in the economic growth and development of the Southeast region of the U.S. Because our success is directly related to the success of businesses in our area, we strive to deliver the best planning, design, procurement, and construction services possible for each unique project.