O’Neal offers comprehensive planning services to help clients define program needs and establish an execution strategy. We work through our Capital Appropriation Process (CAP) to provide a structured methodology to establish project criteria and establish a foundation approach. During the assessment phase, we work with our clients to establish and prepare:

  • Project problem statement
  • Project criteria: objectives and justification
  • Project boundaries and constraints
  • Site evaluation and due diligence
  • Site master planning and programming
  • Project execution plan
  • Preconstruction

O’Neal’s preconstruction group is staffed by seasoned professionals with specialization in CSA, mechanical and electrical. The group provides estimating services ranging from O’Neal’s proprietary SCOPE® process for directional estimating, to FEL 1, 2 and 3 efforts, owner-specific appropriation grade and fixed price estimates. The preconstruction group works as part of an integrated team to understand design intent and constructability and to reflect approaches and pricing that align with cost, schedule and long-term operating requirements. O’Neal’s estimating efforts include facilities and process equipment so that O’Neal clients have a consolidated, accurate appraisal of total installed cost. O’Neal generates costs through extensive internal databases and through market pricing.

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