INfab Piping Services

INfab is a piping services company that brings the digital age to an industry that struggles with skilled labor, productivity and quality. With the flexibility to provide design, fabrication and installation as an integrated service or to provide fabrication only, INfab clients can choose the right approach for their project.

  • Productivity gains of up to 400% over traditional pipe fabrication processes
  • Allows up to 80% of piping labor to occur within a controlled environment—safety, quality, productivity + cost improvements
  • Precision cutting lowers or eliminates the need for unnecessary fittings
  • Prefabricated assemblies are shipped to the job site, reducing installation requirements + ensuring consistent, high quality welds
  • Full electronic documentation of the fabrication process

Capabilities include Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Exotic Alloys, and Chrome P-11, P22, and P91.


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