Pallet AS/RS Refrigerated Facility

Batavia, NY
Scope: Design + Construction
Project Value: $35M

The HP Hood facility distribution center represents a next-step in facility automation, moving from a labor-based approach to a lights-out automated operation for this major dairy products producer. O’Neal partnered with an automation supplier to deliver a turnkey, refrigerated automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) and case and layer picking system. O’Neal and the automation supplier concepted the 25,000-pallet storage system and incorporated a sophisticated means to automate the case and layer picking process.

O’Neal’s full-service engineering teams provided a complete facility design by working collaboratively with automation design to ensure complete project coverage. The process continued into O’Neal constructing the 100,000 square foot, 110 feet tall facility. O’Neal provided commissioning and startup testing services on behalf of HP Hood to ensure a well-coordinated testing effort.

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