TWEEL Manufacturing Facility

Piedmont, SC

SCOPE: Engineering, Procurement + Construction

Project Value: $50M

Michelin’s TWEEL technology is a revolutionary airless tire design. This first of a kind technology required development of a manufacturing facility that differed from standard tire manufacturing requirements. Michelin selected O’Neal to provide overall delivery including programming, design and construction. The new 135,000 square foot facility represents Michelin’s 10th manufacturing facility in South Carolina, 16th in the US, and the first in the world devoted to manufacturing this type of tire.

Ground breaking to production of the first TWEEL was achieved in fourteen months, a record for Michelin. Due to the fast track of the project, O’Neal designed, constructed and commissioned complete areas within the overall facility to allow Michelin to begin staged production. As the “one of a kind” proprietary manufacturing equipment was developed and fabricated the associated infrastructure and utilities were installed so schedule could be maintained on these long lead items.

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