Nylon Polymer + Fiber Production Facility

Camden, SC
Scope: FEL3 Study + Engineering, Procurement + Construction
Project Value: $65M

O’Neal’s brought its in-depth experience with engineered fibers to an FEL 3 study and engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services for Invista’s Project Aurora. The facility, located in Camden, SC, produces synthetic textile fibers. 

Invista invested over $65M in the state-of-the-art fiber production equipment. This investment expanded capacity of Nylon 6,6 fiber used in a diverse range of applications. It also significantly increased Invista’s domestic U.S. capacity of high-tenacity, specialty fibers used in Cordura fabrics. The new assets are capable of manufacturing bulked continuous filament and high-quality fibers for airbags and industrial sewing threads.

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